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"Though your wounds may never heal and some sorrows may remain. It all drove you in my arms and I hope you don't regret a thing."



„Writing songs is and was always a very personal process to me.“

Tobias Carshey opens the door to his emotional apartment and invites you in. It might be a dark place at times, chaotic and messy but it’s authenticity makes you feel connected and at home right away.

The in Zurich based musician prefers to go off road instead of staying on track so you’ll never know what to expect and makes it difficult to put him in a specific genre. Though often melancholic like in the song Almond Eyes, he sometimes lashes out angrily and wildly like in Fever.
But his strong, raspy voice leads you through every song so you won’t get lost.

Post Covid the Singer is working on new songs - dreamy and dark indie pop with a little hint of 60’s soul that gets you right where your heart is.



Adi Erni - Orange Peel Agency



Love Letters:

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